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Our office handles all personal injury cases. The most common cases include auto accidents. We also represent clients in premises liability cases, for example, if you are injured at a place of business, such as slipping at a grocery store or a gas station. For all personal injury cases we offer contingency retainers. This means if you do not receive money for your claim, you do not have to pay our attorneys' fees.


Unfortunately, many people are involved in auto accidents everyday and due to the stress of the situation do not preserve important information throughout the process. After you have been involved in an auto accident, it can be stressful and scary. The following is a helpful list of how to handle and preserve important information after an auto accident.

Right after the accident; make sure to put your hazards on and if possible, safely move your vehicle to a safe area to avoid traffic.

After you are at a safe location, check for your injuries and if the other party is injured. Then, call the police.

Make sure to identify the vehicles, write down the license plate number, make, year, and model of the other vehicle.

Exchange information with the other driver. Make sure to include address, phone number, insurance policy company, and insurance policy number.

Write down information about any witnesses to the accident and take photographs of the damage to both vehicles.

When the police arrive, speak to the officer and take down his name and badge information so you can obtain the police report later on. When you are speaking to the police officer, make sure to give details of what you saw, heard, and felt when describing the accident.

Seek medical attention. It is important for you to go see a doctor and even a visit to the emergency room. Failure to seek medical attention soon after may be used against you by the insurance company for compensation.

Contact your attorney regarding the accident and also contact your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company.

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